If you pay attention to social media trends, you have likely noticed the large number of people talking about detox teas. Influencers often post these on their pages, encouraging people to take a shot at them.

Now, whether they work is an entirely different story. Based on the information available, these teas should flush out toxins from the body. In doing this, they also contribute to weight loss.

You see, these teas contain what you would find in conventional or herbal teas. However, they add ingredients with special effects such as diuretics and laxatives and appetite suppressants.

This article will focus on what is in these teas, if they work, and what can go wrong if you overuse them.

An overview of detox teas and their effects

There are many detox teas around, with each promising you weight loss. And they have a fit man or woman selling the products, which adds to their allure. You look at them and can already feel a few pounds lighter. What is in these teas that make them efficient, as stated by the marketing teams?

Well, it comes down to the following ingredients and effects:

Green Tea

Most people who want to rid their bodies of toxins go for green tea. It thus follows that manufacturers would also work on including this in their formulas. This tea is rich in flavonoids and caffeine.

It thus boosts metabolism, increases fat burning, and balances insulin and blood sugar levels. If you want a tea that can fight fat and improve your energy levels, this would be a great choice. Plus, it is high in antioxidants.

Yerba Mate

If you are looking for antioxidants which boost metabolism rates, this is a great choice. It is high in caffeine and features calorie burning properties. These make it an ideal choice for people who need a drink that will make them work out better.

Black Tea

This tea is the most consumed, accounting for about 80% of tea consumption across the globe. It contains high amounts of caffeine and antioxidants and is known to block fat. If you want better heart health, you can drink one cup of black tea daily and see what happens.


The taste and scent of this tea make it the best for anyone who wishes to curb cravings and eat healthy. Drinking this makes you feel full and reduces your appetite.

White Tea

This tea undergoes the least oxidization and is thus low in caffeine. However, that is not an indication of its nutrients as it is high in these. Not only does this tea boost metabolism, but it also prevents the formation of new fat cells. Additionally, it lowers stress levels in the body and makes you feel more alert.


This tea features diuretic properties that ensure you do not suffer water retention. With bloating and puffiness out of the way, you should shed a few pounds and feel lighter.

Oolong Tea

This tea is a balance between black and green varieties and has undergone partial oxidization. It is rich in antioxidants and improves fat metabolism, leading to weight loss. It can also block the absorption of fats and works in normalizing blood pressure.


This tea works in reducing your appetite, thus keeping your sweet tooth at bay. Its natural sweetness makes it an excellent choice for people who love sweet tastes yet want to lose some weight. It is high in antioxidants, boosts metabolism, and maintains blood sugar levels.


This tea is high in compounds that work in alleviating stress, thus calming you. It also reduces hormones known to trigger hunger and curbs your cravings while reducing fat storages. Studies show that the flavonoids present in this tea also fight diseases such as heart disease and type II diabetes.

Parsley Tea

Not only is this rich in flavonoids, but it also has diuretic properties. It cleanses the intestinal system and removes excess water weight, leaving you feeling lighter.

Pu Erh

This fermented tea boasts of a smooth and creamy texture and is rich in antioxidants. It works in reducing the absorption of fat while boosting metabolism rates. It also activates enzymes in the body, which work in shrinking the size of fat cells, stimulating weight loss.

Dandelion Tea

This tea is rich in active compounds and also has diuretic effects that reduce water retention and bloating. It is also a good choice for people with stomach issues as it can quell the same.

Ginger Tea

This tea is rich in minerals and vitamins, which work in strengthening your immune system. It works to improve digestion and blood circulation and can also reduce inflammation in your system. Also, it can alleviate stress.

Milk Thistle

If you want to target the liver, this should be part of your detox. It is present in many teas and works in repairing the liver as it naturally removes toxins from the body.

Burdock Tea

This comes from the root of the plant and features several antioxidants which protect the body from free radicals. Some studies show that it can even work in slowing the growth of tumor cells. In detox teas, it works in protecting the liver while encouraging bowel movements.

Senna Leaf

This laxative aids in daily bowel movements while you are taking the tea. Note that it is stronger than most laxatives, and you should thus consume it with moderation.

Hibiscus Tea

This tea is rich in antioxidants, lacks caffeine, and can boost metabolism. It is naturally sweet and works for people who crave sugary foods. On the upside, it has about 37 calories in each cup, which should not affect your caloric intake much.

The tea of your choice can feature one or more of these ingredients. The more components present, the more likely you are to come out having detoxified your system, according to detox tea lovers.

Do detox teas work?

Can you count on a detox tea to detox your body? Well, they can also contribute to weight loss to some extent. Note that most of this loss relates to water and waste, and not fat deposits as such.

Note that though teas stimulate metabolism, they alone cannot help you lose weight. You have to pull your weight by eating right, exercising, watching your calories, and all that. If all you do is drink tea and go over your caloric intake, they will not help.

As for the detoxing part, that is a tricky aspect. You see, these teas promise to flush toxins from your body and have you in excellent condition in a few weeks.

Well, think about it like this. Your body generally does not need any help to carry out this cleaning. It relies on the liver and kidney. As long as you take good care of your body as a whole, detoxification occurs the whole day.

So, while these teas can boost your immune system and all that, you do not need them. If anything, studies show that the teas could be harmful to your health.

The ugly truth about detox teas

Before you give in to that influencer who states that taking detox teas will have you looking and feeling great, here is what you need to know.

First, weight loss on taking the tea is not a guarantee. You see, most detox teas give off the allure of losing weight and feature names that state as much. That may make you think that after a few cups, you should look a given way. But that is hardly the case.

Most of these teas contain green tea, as outlined under the ingredients. While this tea influences metabolism, it cannot make you lose weight if all you are doing is taking tea. That is why most detox tea marketers ask that you eat right and exercise. By doing this, you will have a better chance of getting in shape.

Secondly, most of these teas contain caffeine, which could be a bad thing for you, more so if you have caffeine sensitivities. You are likely to be consuming caffeine even without the tea. It could be from your coffee cup or tea or candy bar.

Either way, you need to watch the limit, which stands at 400 mg for a healthy adult with no underlying health conditions. You may find that drinking the tea makes you go over the limit, paving the way for some terrible effects. These include jitteriness and anxiety attacks, among others.

Thirdly, most of these products have laxatives, which means you will likely spend more time in the bathroom. The frequent bathroom visits can become frustrating, more so if you are at work.

On the upside, you end up losing waste and water weight, which can make you feel lighter. And on the downside, continued use of the laxatives can cause headaches, cramps, and other problems.

If the manufacturer uses senna as described under the ingredients, you could be in for more visits. And these could be runny if you get the drift. As the ingredient stimulates more bowel movements, bloating, nausea, and the runs could occur.

The more you experience the runs, the more likely you are to have an electrolyte imbalance.

Fourthly, heart issues can occur as the nature of the ingredients in use may not be healthy. Some of these teas contain dangerous drugs that may not be shown on the label. You can end up with guarana in the drink, which can cause heart palpitations owing to its high caffeine content.

Now, when this ingredient mixes with senna, it becomes another story that features adverse effects. And if you keep up with both ingredients for days on end, you can suffer a lot.

Other effects include increased anxiety, dehydration, sleep disruptions, and liver damage. And in worst-case scenarios, you could die from using laxatives more than you should.


While detox teas seem like a great idea, they are more of a shortcut, which can have harmful effects on your body. If you choose to use them, ensure they are free of diuretics, laxatives, and other such substances.

Including these makes them likely to be harmful when used daily. You can instead opt to take green tea on its own as this is quite safe. Also, do not expect to lose much weight on account of taking such teas, unless you are using other means.

The best way to maintain a healthy body is to eat right and exercise. Also, watch your stress levels as this can hamper your ability to digest and absorb foods.