People drink tea for various reasons. Some do it to sleep better; others enjoy its taste while others are after its antioxidant effects. Now, it turns out that tea can help you in your weight loss journey.

That is another benefit on top of its numerous upsides. But is there truth to this claim? And if so, what teas should you be drinking to shed those extra pounds? We will cover that and more in this article.

Green Tea

Many people rely on green tea as they try to lose the extra weight. It helps that this tea is low in calories, boasting of an average two per cup.

With this low caloric content, this tea cannot break your fast, making it a great option. Many people also state that it has enabled them to lose weight by boosting their metabolism. Is this the case?

Well, this tea has been in use for many years, more so regarding traditional Chinese medicine. Not only can it treat varying health conditions, but it also boosts weight loss. So, yes, you can include this in your diet.

Now, you may wonder how tea can help you lose weight. In the case of green tea, it comes down to metabolism. This process enables your body to break down ingested foods and convert them into energy.

The more this process takes place, the less fat deposits you end up having in the body. And green tea contains antioxidants that boost this process.

Note that you cannot expect weight loss from drinking this tea alone. You have to include other activities such as exercising and practicing a healthy lifestyle. Tea alone will not help you.

You can drink two to three cups of this tea each day to supplement your weight loss journey. The results will depend on what else you have put into your weight loss.

Your natural metabolism also matters a great deal. If it is naturally fast, drinking this tea will only work in speeding it up, giving you more results.

For this tea to have an effect, you should not use water that is too hot. Doing this would only damage the antioxidants necessary to boost metabolism.

Timing also matters such that you should consume this tea after having meals. Note that it can affect your sleep, and you should thus avoid drinking it before you sleep.

White Tea

This tea undergoes the least oxidization and is thus rich in nutrients and low in caffeine. It also has very few calories per cup with about two for every eight-ounce cup.

It is an effective tool in weight loss programs owing to its inhibition of the formation of new fat cells. Thus, using this tea can prevent you from adding weight. It also mobilizes fats from the mature cells and works in eliminating what is in excess from the body.

As is the case with green tea, white tea alone will not make you lose weight. It can only stimulate fat burning in small amounts.

Yerba Mate

This tea comes from the leaves and twigs of the yerba mate plant and contains stimulating chemicals such as caffeine. Not only does it have nutritional benefits to the consumer, but it can also aid in weight loss.

It stimulates the body, increasing energy, and is an excellent choice for anyone who also works out. Plus, it aids digestion, making it easier for you to convert food into energy.

Studies show that this tea has more antioxidants than green tea. And these work in detoxifying the body and can delay the signs of aging.

This drink has often been associated with weight loss, with some studies pointing to the same.

One, it has diuretic effects and thus prevents water retention. Secondly, it has a stimulating effect on the body, and increases metabolism, aiding in fat reduction. And the third effect which helps a lot is the feeling of satiety.

Drinking this tea will make you feel full for longer. It thus becomes harder for you to eat junk foods or other foods in that matter. For people who work out, this tea is a gem that prevents the accumulation of lactic acid in muscles. As a result, you can train for longer and see results much faster.

Weight gain has often been linked to emotional eating. This tea can calm and relax you, making it harder for you to rely on foods to feel better.

Note that this tea is quite powerful and you should be moderate in your consumption. If not, you can end up damaging your liver or altering your blood pressure. Also, you should eat even when you feel full, lest you end up in the hospital.

Oolong tea

This tea is a balance between green and black tea as it undergoes partial oxidization. The result is smooth and bold and can promote weight loss by speeding up metabolism.

Anyone trying to shed extra pounds can consider adding this drink to their diet. It increases energy expenditure while inhibiting the intake of fat and carbs. Also, it is rich in antioxidants and can thus boost metabolism by up to ten percent.

Burning more calories means that you end up with fewer fat deposits. Of course, you have to follow its consumption with mindful eating. If you go over your caloric intake, this tea will not do much to help you.

This tea also regulates blood sugar levels, and this reduces your chances of having strong cravings. Your digestion should also improve as it has antiseptic properties that kill harmful bacteria in the gut.

Its alkaline nature makes it ideal for people who often suffer acidic reflux and other gastrointestinal problems. You will also love that it has few calories, with about two for every cup.

Drinking this will not add much to your caloric intake, as long as you enjoy it without additives. You can drink this tea daily if you wish to see results.

Black Tea

This tea has undergone the most oxidization and is rich in flavor and caffeine. Studies show that up to 80% of adults take their tea black.

Drinking this tea has been shown to decrease gut bacteria that increase the chances of obesity. Over time, people end up having more lean muscle. However, that only comes about if they make other changes to their lifestyles.

Also, this tea is low in calories, with about two for every cup, as well as no cholesterol or saturated fats. The only way to make this drink unhealthy is to add creamers and sugars, which would add to the caloric content.

While its caloric content is low, that is not the case regarding its caffeine content. It can have as many as 90 mg per cup. Given that the daily limit stands at 400 mg, taking too many cups can be harmful.

The tannins present in the tea can also lead to stomach problems where moderation is not in play.

Peppermint Tea

This drink has a strong scent that works in suppressing cravings and curbing your hunger. Thus, if you often find yourself reaching for foods you should not eat, you can drink this tea when the temptations start.

You end up feeling full, and your desire for the other foods goes away. Also, this drink supports digestion by stimulating healthy bowel movements.

With things moving as they should, constipation does not take place. Digestion thus follows its natural course, and this increases nutrient absorption.

It also works in relaxing you, making you indulge in emotional eating less than you would. As such, you eat fewer junk foods and end up losing weight over time.

If you feel that you have been eating to deal with stress, this tea can help you out. Also, it has few calories and will not adversely affect your caloric intake.

Matcha Tea

Most beverages tend to alter blood sugar levels, which can lead to weight gain. That is more so the case in cold weather where people tend to drink hot beverages more often to keep warm.

Matcha is different in that it works in helping you lose weight, more so if you add exercise to your schedule.

One, it provides you with energy which lasts long, but not the jittery kind. This clarity and focus make it easier for you to work out and get amazing results from this.

Secondly, this drink increases metabolism, thus aiding your body in burning fat, resulting in a leaner body.

Ginger Tea

Spicy drinks are great for anyone looking to shed their extra pounds, and ginger tea is one such option. It comes from the rhizome of the plant and works in reducing inflammation and improving blood pressure.

Many studies have confirmed that this tea can reduce the chances of obesity and type II diabetes, among other complications.

Fennel Tea

This tea works in increasing the melatonin levels in your body, enabling you to enjoy better sleep quantity and quality. Plus, it has been shown to reduce weight gain as well as reduce the chances of heart disease in consumers.

Additionally, it calms and supports the digestive tract, which works in allowing normal bowel movement. With digestion taking place as it should, weight gain is an unlikely occurrence.

It also has diuretic effects that prevent water retention and bloating.

Chamomile Tea

This drink soothes people and is an excellent beverage for consumption right before going to bed. Not only does it reduce anxiety, but it also lulls one to sleep. The lack of caffeine makes it an even better choice, as it will not keep you awake.

Did you know that being stressed lowers your metabolism? Thus, by calming you, this tea enables you to speed up metabolism and burn more fat.

Chamomile also stimulates the production of gastric juices, which efficiently break down the ingested food. The more acids you have, the easier it is for the gastrointestinal systems to function as needed. If you have been gaining weight, you likely have fewer juices compared to the foods you consume.

Also, this tea works in reducing food cravings, which can make you eat more than you should. This natural appetite suppressant will ensure that you eat only when necessary. And it can fool you into thinking that you are full even when you are not. It also detoxifies the body.


Most teas will aid in your weight loss journey, so long as you do not add any creamers, sugars, or unhealthy additives. It owes to their low caloric content and impact on your metabolism.

Note that you cannot solely rely on teas to reduce weight. Other practices have to be in place, such as watching what you eat and exercising.